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vaecrius: The blocky spiral motif based on the golden ratio that I use for various ID icons, ending with a red centre. (g)

Blazer-Sharp, Prattle-Ready, Brainless Steel Samurai Banana

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Location:Burnaby, BC, Canada
Website:Hideous Destructor
The person can drink sake for
the following five reasons.
First of all, for the national
holiday. Moreover, it fills
with the nectar. Finally, for
reasons. Next, to heal the
dryness of the place. After
that, to refuse the future.

          - Bar sign found in Tokyo


"Imagine if we had spent 98% of our evolutionary history in an environment where the only orange objects were predators, and that we developed a strong hardwired mobbing instinct towards anything orange.

"Imagine that, just before the advent of recorded culture, the predators went extinct and marigolds coincidentally found their niche.

"Imagine the rage and fear we would direct towards every innocent marigold - and, more pointedly, imagine the bafflement as our minds tried to explain it. ..."
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