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From the day the "Moral Majority" became a political force for the Republicans, the public face of conservative Christianity in America has consistently and relentlessly been that of a joyless puritanical Wahhabism that could not distinguish popular music from literal Devil worship, the most shockingly callous sodomitic disregard for - indeed scorn and explicit positive delight in the misery of - the poor and needy, a fanatical devotion to destroying revealed truth for the sake of enforcing the old law, and bloody and deceitful men who hate peace and are for war without end. And that situation remains to this day.

Obviously most of Christianity in America is nothing of the sort. But so long as any gifts are accepted, the Sodomite kings will long be able to boast, "We made these sons of Abraham rich".
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The date of this post marks the anniversary of an attack on an unarmed civilian population by a terrorist organization that hates freedom and hates fears our way of life, so infamous it can be referred to by nothing more than the numbers marking the date of occurrence. Never forget.

First, a music video because I do not link to enough music videos on here!!!

Report on the aftermath. I don't think anyone who normally reads this understands Cantonese so I'm just linking for the gist of it. Some bits towards the end that won't be in pictures: reports of burning bodies by the troops. They (the govt) say it's just the dead troops or something??? Wounded being finished off, journalists blocked from hospitals.

Footage during. Not even shot with a phone.

And here's a historian studying the history of the event, with the rare privilege of having been a part of it.

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