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describe 2 people marooned together and their relationship after 5 days, 5 months and 5 years, in 300 words.

Aldous and Clarissa were locked in a white room together. They had beds and food and a bathroom but no one else to talk to but each other.

After 5 days they set up a routine to make the most use of their space. They generally avoided each other after some attempts at small talk that were predictably awkward.

After 5 months they developed an entire subculture between the two of them, filled with referential humour and poetic style. They had developed over 15 repeatable recipes for altering the shape, texture and flavour of the gelatinous nutrient cubes we were giving them, some of which confirmed that the room was not nearly as sterile as we thought.

After 5 years they no longer spoke any known language. They had their own creation myth, theology and accounting for what gives meaning in life. They had an entire rug and other ersatz household items knitted together from their loose hair using forks that they had failed to return to the feeding dispenser. They held what appeared to be fashion competitions against each other, though there were subtexts of taking on each other’s identities as well as those of the various entities of their idiomatic pantheon.

They had ceased bathing around year 3, except as a purely ritual function exactly once every 17 days. Every 19 days Aldous kept aside a small portion of his fecal matter instead of using the toilet; for Clarissa, this was every 23 days. They would occasionally plant small cubes of gelatin and hair into the shit, and water it with Clarissa’s menses. I cannot imagine the smell.

It is not known how they will return to normal civilized life after this – or if they even remember.

(originally posted on tumblr; posting here for archival reasons. another take by [personal profile] vorzac, sans 300-word limit, here; [personal profile] helarxe's fulfilment of both of these here)
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