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And so we trudged along the frozen waste.
We found a wall of stone, ten feet in height,
Rough from wear and carelessness, easily clomb.
Stains, and a great stench, covered it--
Rotting, sulfrous protein, slime and shell.
Bubbling I heard: not below, but unseen.

I gazed atop: neckless, chestless and round
He sat, fat and white, wobbling to and
Fro, murmuring things obscene and lawless.
"This means that, and that means this, and never
Shall the twain mean yonder"--where no this meant that,
And all men knew that yonder and this were one.

"Hallo!" I cried at last, "wherefore art thou
Speaking blasphemy, surprise and nonsense? Thy words
Stablish nought: thy contracts strain and groan
In unbearable length of meaningless definition.
Indeed, I have listened twenty minutes: nary a
Word, but thou meanst it not itself!"

He did not hear me but continued on:
"But in this subparagraph, but not for the purpose of defining
'Love', except where 'love' means penetration digital or
Analogue, but extending without limitation to all
Meanings of cohabitary usage and/or convenience,
'Together' and 'life' mean 'at my sole discretion'."

I opened my mouth in wrath to shew him truth--
But my guide bade me to hold my peace, and I did.
"Let us tarry not here, and heed not his words,
For we behold a sad and incurable case.
A man of law was he: thou knewest him well.
Of old ye both partook of the foosball table.

"A seducer too, who knew of law and right
And wrong: he bargained for love, wanting only
Lust, when the maidens he sought asked the former.
Love did call him, and a few times Love did
Stay his hand and tongue: but he feared, lest,
He imprisoned be, and tormented in Another.

"He sought the law, and with the law, he won:
For it was custom in his land, that all words
Men were free to agree to mean whatever they
Wanted: and agreement was easily judged and found.
He studied and learned, and devised many a device--
Snares by which he'd evade commitment, and be free.

"He did ensnare many by his pen and wit.
Marriage he wrote and praised, by which he meant
But a wild night ride in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Love he promised, but one, to the exclusion of the other
Three; this he added with utmost clarity,
Just transparent enough to mask its significance.

"Long did the twists and turns of his smoothest words
Ensnare his heart. 'Myself am master', he ruled:
'Perform they only by my sovereign will.'
Word by word he sought to trample down,
And believe them only as he saw fit:
At last the word itself meant nothing to him.

"Now he sits alone atop the wall,
Guarding nothing: ever wobbling to and
Fro, he sits condemned to murmur vanity.
Every so often he'd have a true thought:
His seat upon this everlasting fence would go
But one way: and thus committed, fall--

"But none would catch him, for there he is alone.
Shattered, he soon expires, and the morrow wakes,
Sat upon the wall once more, as though
Having awakened from dreaming, forgotten entirely
That beginning of truth which disturbed him before.
The murmuring and wobbling would then begin anew."

We moved to leave him, and for a moment of terror
I found my feet fixed upon the ground--
I leapt, and lo! the protein bonds gave!
In horror I ran, my guide not far behind.

For indeed my guide was right, and I knew that man:
My familiar friend, who once was known as me.
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