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Suppose you had a red circle and a blue circle of equal size.

Then shortly after the circles are taken away and you see what looks like a dark purple circle, the same size as the first two.

It is labeled "woog".

There are 3 interpretations of what woog means:

1. A third circle that is dark purple in colour, made from the original two circles.
2. A third circle that contains both the original two circles.

Now you have some people who insist that what we're seeing is
3. The original two circles overlapping each other.

These people never, ever use the word "woog" to describe it.

---[if you're reading this through a direct link, there is a cut here]---

The people who do use that word insist that:
(a) "woog" has the second meaning; and
(b) the second and third interpretations are synonymous, whatever the first might mean.

The people who do not use that word insist that:
(a) "woog" has the first meaning; and
(b) the first and second interpretations are synonymous and, in any event, neither could possibly mean the third.

---[if you're reading this through a direct link, the cut ends here]---

Without reading the cut text if possible, does the second interpretation mean the same thing as the third, and, assuming you can't move any of the circles or look at them from the side or otherwise measure depth, how would you be able to prove it either way?

Date: September 17th, 2015 22:13 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] helarxe
You know, the extraction of the theological stake made me even less capable of firmly holding the matter and that was lurking in my mind all week, and for some reason in a stupor of longing-addled ecstasies this seemed to be entirely the same thing in the entirely lesser stake of Regret.

Date: September 25th, 2015 08:21 (UTC)
pharmakeiaspring: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pharmakeiaspring
To me 2 means some sort of gestalt of the two circles, but 3 means both circles are still present.

Am I allowed to measure the wavelength in NM of the light coming off both the original circles and the new ones. This would not involve my moving the circles, measuring depth or looking from the side this is me Gordian Knotting what's meant to be a philosophical problem isn't it...

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