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A co-operative board game similar to "Sorry!" or snakes-and-ladders but where the goal is to endure as long as possible. Mostly inspired by Killing Floor.

Any streamway board can be used. If you're using a snakes and ladders board, start from the top and go to the bottom.

Each team starts with 3 men in reserve. Tweak this number to taste.

"Upstream" means closer to the start and "downstream" means closer to the end.

"Boxcars" means at least 2 dice that come up with the maximum number and "snake eyes" means at least 2 dice that come up with the minimum number. 6-sided dice are assumed but not necessary.

A "full die" means the maximum value of what one die can roll, and a "half die" is half that (round up if necessary).

Landing means when a piece finishes its movement pursuant to a single die or to a single interaction. This means that if you roll 2 6s on 2 6-sided dice and decide to apply both to a single piece, and you find yourself moving towards a snake 6 steps away, you must land on the snake, move down the snake, and then apply the other die. If there is a monster at the end of the snake, then you deal with the monster as though you landed on the monster, and then apply the other die.

If a man lands on a step that has 2 or more things that move him up- and downstream, or to different degrees, the order of operations is always: Snake > Monster interactions > Man interactions > Ladder. If there is still a conflict, err in favour of moving men downstream as much or moving upstream as little as possible, and vice versa for monsters.

Every player gets one turn, even if each team has more than one player.

Every turn, you must roll X number of dice (where X is the number of the wave as defined below), and apply each die to one of your deployed men.

Each player may deploy up to one man at the start of each turn.

You must use up all your dice each turn. If one die ends up pushing one man past the end, you do not need to worry about the remainder on that die (but must still apply any remaining dice).

If you land on a snake, you are required to go down the snake, but if you land on either end of a ladder, you may choose to go up or down it or not.

If a man lands on the same step as another man from another team, the passive man is bumped one full die upstream. If this pushes the passive man past the start, the man is undeployed and reverts to that team's reserve.

If a man lands on the same step as another man from the same team, the passive man is pushed one step downstream.

Once a man passes through the end of the board, they are dead.

If your team runs out of men, you are dead. You still have turns rolling the dice, and must apply them, but they are applied to the other players' men at your discretion and no deployment may happen on your turn.

If a dead player's turn comes up while there are no men on the board, move a monster. If there are no monsters either, add one (with no additional abilities) and move it.

The game is over and you all lose when everyone is dead.

If you get boxcars and you apply your entire roll to a single man, you can give one of your undeployed men to a dead player or, as a dead player, steal one undeployed man at your discretion. You can do the latter even if you killed yourself in the course of invoking this rule. You can do this even if you also roll snake eyes, immediately after dealing with the monster.

Once everyone has taken a turn, one round has passed.

Each wave lasts as many rounds as the number of steps on the board divided by the number of sides on the dice you are using, rounded down. For reference, 6-sided dice on a chessboard is 64/6=10 rounds.

The first wave, each turn you roll one die.

Add one die for each subsequent wave.

At the end of each wave, all dead men are restored to their players as undeployed, all deployed men are moved upstream by a full die (and are undeployed if they move past the start), and the next wave picks up from there.

Standard victory condition is to win 5 waves.

ALTERNATE RULE: A special boss wave may also be added as wave 6, with only one monster that has no fewer than 3 of the additional abilities described below, and the goal is to kill it.

On every other wave beginning with wave 3, a monster is added to the end of the board.

If a man lands on a monster, that monster is thrown 1 full die downstream. If a monster is thrown past the end, the monster is destroyed. The man is not to be thrown in this situation. If a monster is thrown and thereby lands on another man, that man also throws the monster.

Otherwise, anytime a monster lands no more than 1 step (up- or downstream) away from a man, or vice versa, the man is thrown to a spot 1 full die downstream of the monster.

A monster must go up if it lands on the bottom of a ladder, and may not go down if it lands on top of a ladder. It is subject to snakes the same as men.

Every turn the monster moves a step. Unless specifically provided otherwise in these rules, the monster always moves directly towards the nearest man every step.

If you roll snake eyes while a monster is on the board, apply the entire result to the monster, stopping (upon which the dice are then spent) once it is as close to a man as the dice allow. Once this is done (and the man thrown in front of the monster), apply your dice to your men normally (do not reroll). You may apply dice to multiple monsters as you would multiple men.

The second monster has one additional ability, the third monster two, and so on.

Additional abilities are decided by roll of the dice, rerolling to eliminate any duplicates for higher-level monsters:
  1. move in any direction, not including diagonally.
  2. throw any adjacent man, not including diagonally.
  3. throw a man 2 full dice downstream of itself.
  4. move 2 steps every turn.
  5. throw a man from 2 steps away. (the monster must move as close to that man as possible regardless.)
  6. continue moving after a throw, until all dice are used up.
If a monster throws a man onto another man, the passive man is bumped one step as though they were on the same team.

If a monster lands on another monster, they combine into a single monster with the abilities of both. (The same ability in both monsters does not stack - if both monsters can throw a man 2 full dice downstream, the resulting combination still throws 2, not 4.)
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