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Matt ([personal profile] vaecrius) wrote2016-01-10 07:21 pm

Knee-Deep In Death: Weapons

About time I started jotting down some of these thoughts that have been in my head about this.

Basic premise: The original Doom games (Doom 1 and 2) are a divinely inspired allegory of a man's repentance from sin.

As all pale shadows of the Truth, this is not a perfect analogy: in particular for this first post, no weapon in Doom is strictly necessary (except rocket against Icon of Sin).

(I should note that this does not work with the lore in Hideous Destructor at all, unless one were to assume an extremely unreliable narrator in the setting fluff I've written for it (which granted isn't too off base).)


There is much to be said for this - the basic plot, the aesthetic, the progression and changing appearance of the levels (especially in the first game, (as far as I can tell at the moment) getting weaker with each new official IWAD), even the monster designs (I am assuming that things represented as demonic influences in the game are exactly that, or at worst they are temptations in this world and our own brokenness) - but it's an unchewably big enough bite that this first post will only be one tiny nibble: a brief summmary of the role of each weapon.

Fist: your shame, spite and rage that comes from your weakness in the face of the world. Relying on it alone will probably kill you, but when you have nothing left it may carry you through until you come back to your senses (get more ammo).

Chainsaw: your intellectual, rational understanding of doctrine. Relying on this alone will also kill you, but used judiciously it is an excellent defence and preserver of the good in your life (your ammo).

Pistol: your natural conscience, which you may have without any intellectual conscious belief in God at all. You start with it but there are better things.

Shotgun: your short prayer rule.

Super shotgun: your long prayer rule.

Chaingun: your arrow prayer.

Rocket: charitable acts. Do it enough and it will hurt you, but there are places in the dark, hidden places of your heart (Warrens) and the final enemy (Icon of Sin) that you cannot get at without it.

Plasma: the Liturgy, and corporate prayer and Church life in general. Big and distracting but powerful.

BFG: the gift of the Holy Spirit. Big, green and effective against all forces of the Devil. (but will not help you achieve the kingdom without your charity)