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Gabriel Loup posted earlier on the ZDoom forums (off topic, link may be dead in a few months) a mental exercise of sorts:

So, I went to the Zandronum forums and I found an interesting topic that I'd like to discuss further, what if Doom games were shorter than what it really is? Imagine if Doom 1, 2 and 64 were 10 maps, each. This gave me the idea of maybe porting some of the Maps of Chaos Doom 1 maps into Doom 2, and having the entire series play in a progressive sort of order, but I have no idea how to port Doom 1 maps into Doom 2 properly, without missing textures, so that will be for another time.

Here, for the record, are his.
Doom 1 :
E1M1 : Hangar (obviously, the iconic level, never saw anyone disliking this level)
E1M3 : Toxin Refinery (cool level, I liked this one but I know people can differ in opinions and I'd like to know what map could replace this one)
E1M9 : Military Base (good level)
E1M8 : Phobos Anomaly (I don't like this level a lot, but it needs to be here for story purposes)
E2M1 : Deimos Anomaly (excellent level)
E2M8 : Tower of Babel (as iconic as Hangar, this one is loved by absolutely EVERYONE who ever cared about playing the Doom levels)
E3M1 : Hell Keep (awesome level)
E3M8 : Dis (really good ending for a Doom game, I hope the Doom reboot manages to make an ending as cool as this level)

Doom 2 :
MAP01 : Entryway (THE DM MAP! I'm surprised that nobody in the Halo community ever thought about remaking this map in Halo 5, the architecture of this map is so fucking good!)
MAP06 : The Crusher (Spidermind appears once again! Awesome map)
MAP07 : Dead Simple (The name completely describes the situation. Just kill everything)
MAP11 : O' of Destruction, a.k.a Circle of Death (good map)
MAP12 : The Factory (a story related map, and also a really good map overall)
MAP15 : Industrial Zone (okay map IMO, but I HAVE to put this here because of the hidden exit)
MAP31 : Wolfenstein (Go backwards in time and kick some fucking nazi ass!)
MAP32 : Grosse (Self explanatory)
MAP29 : Barrels o' Fun (the only Hell level in Doom 2 that I actually liked)
MAP30 : Icon of Sin (Pretty disappointing map, but I guess the game has to end somehow...)
Dunno if he's pulling a Matthew 1:17 with D1.

Which got me thinking of my own. If I ever make my own mapset, this could be an interesting progression, sort of a Machete Order for Doom...

One way to cheese this is to pick all the long maps. :V Sadly, it's precisely the short maps that are typically the most memorable...

To keep things balanced, let's do 9 maps plus one secret.

D1 - we are very limited because of the maps that by name and definition matter directly to the plot, and the two boss maps are too good to scrap, so those are in italics....... and given what the facilities actually represent, that basically determines E1 and E2 already.

1-1: Hangar. Theoretically since Doom already begins in media res it could easily be inferred that the Doomguy landed without incident and is already in, say, the Toxin Refinery or Central Processing, hence no italics, but it's much too good a map and much too good a starter to ditch.
1-2: Phobos Lab, as we mourn the Computer Station.
1-3: Phobos Anomaly, possibly the recent Romero remake

2-1: Deimos Anomaly
2-2: Deimos Lab
2-3: Tower of Babel
Which is just fine as it contains two of my own favourites already, missing only Containment Area.

3-1: Part of me keeps screaming for Slough of Despair, while the rest of me is screaming that it can't possibly work as a starter for aesthetic reasons. But given what comes next... definitely Mount Erebus, since the big outdoors area lines up well with the notion that you've just landed on Hell from the floating moon.
3-2: Initial gut reaction: Pandaemonium for best mix of monsters and aesthetics. Honourable mention: Unholy Cathedral for the teleportation madness that would be lost if we cut out the very atmospheric (but very annoying) Gate to Limbo and thematic name.
3-3: Dis

Secret: Spawning Vats. It works very well as a secret level, and its theme makes the revelation even more scandalous. Could also be Containment Area, as a start-to-crate joke. The need for a secret exit that leads up to a Deimos map, incidentally, is further impetus for making Erebus into E3M1.

D2 - much, much more discretion here.

Finding the switch: Most of them are good, but I'll go with aesthetics (so absolutely ixnay on the antlet-gay).
1. Underhalls, which works just fine as a starting map all things considered.
2. Refueling Base, my second favourite map in this set after Underhalls and the most aesthetically consistent after it.
3. "O" of Destruction, which is one of the most solid D2 maps overall in here. The fact that it actually has the big switch and is therefore mandatory is icing.

Trekking through town: I'm just gonna flat out use my own personal favourites because they're also the ones that work best as a city setting. Industrial Zone is rearranged to be last, as it has the best urban-to-Hell theme progression - and a bit of a calm before the storm.
4. The Factory
5. Downtown
6. Industrial Zone

Hell: I pretty much hate every D2 hell map not mentioned below, so this is relatively quite easy to narrow down.
7. Tempted to say The Chasm for more mood stuff, but remembering this is Doom 2 and not Half-Life or Unreal, and given there's no episode boundary and the immediately preceding map is already a lower-intensity map, The Spirit World is vastly more fun.
8. The Living End, best and most "narrative" of the D2 hell maps.
9. Icon of Sin

Secret: Gotcha!. It's the hardest of the D2 maps in my view and definitely worth an extra-challenge status. Barrels 'O' Fun also works (see comment re: Containment Area).
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