Date: March 11th, 2016 00:59 (UTC)
vaecrius: a crude scrawl of a grinning, blazing yellow sun. (hier kommt die sonne)
From: [personal profile] vaecrius
Thanks. I think I've read the closer translations on occasion but the spirit of the NIV translation was always stuck in my head, unconsciously accepted without question.

Thanks for the passage. I like how he implicitly explains the part he didn't quote!

(It occurs to me now that (sitting my office trying to muster all the forgivness I have when again encountering an issue that I have developed a habit of involuntarily exploding in indignant rage over, having earlier this morning done something that is a temptation to me to think I am doing "good") this fire might not only be the final judgment itself, but also every test of our faith and works.)
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