Date: March 12th, 2016 18:40 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] helarxe
Two things from IEPaM that readily spring to mind:

It has often been assumed, and with reason, that the cult of the hearth goes
back to Indo-European times.
The hearth fire was the indispensable centre
and defining point of the home. It had to be tended with care and given
offerings at appropriate times. If one moved to a new house, one carried fire
there from the old one. New members of the household, such as a newborn
child or a new bride, had to be introduced to the hearth fire by being led or
carried round it. The custom that the bride circles the hearth three times is
common to Indians, Ossetes, Slavs, Balts, and Germans.

The bringing of fire
is thus connected with the beginnings of sacrificial ritual and of mankind.
The Prometheus myth, though dissimilar in detail, likewise associates the
theft of fire with the institution of sacrifice, when gods and men were first
coming to a settlement and defining their relations (Hes. Th.535–70).

re "it seems close-but-not-quite is worse":

Also, just for dreadfun, two random CYCLOtes:

X. Infernotron, or simply the US pyrodemonism with tentacles spreading
through both thematic theism — the cleansing tide of the cathartic fire
(the Greco-Latin theme chained to Aryanistic purity) — and the messengineering
process of incomplete burning associated with Zippo Jobs in
the Vietnam War and the NAPALM-obsession of the US war machine: 'I'll
go to Hell with a can of gasoline in my hand' (Colonel West).

pre-lslamic times, Salat was performed in a standing position; the face was
kept horizontal, with the eyes gazing nowhere (neither above nor below), and
this communion could last for minutes. The ritual could be fatal; the desert Sun
usually burned tissues rapidly, inducing acute physiologic malfunctions such
as nausea, headaches, nosebleeds, blindness, delirium or abrupt seizures. For
catatonics it could be lethal. This type of ritual suggests that Alah or Elah is a
Mesopotamian-Persian Sun God, inseparable from the desert, and the human.
It connects the desert to the Sun through the intermediating agency of humans
who are destined to be immolated in order for the communication between
the desert and the Sun to take place. From the Sun to the desert and from the
desert to the Sun, the human is always located in the middle, completing the
hell-engineering axis. Unlike Indo-European rituals for communication with the
Sun, which take ascension towards the Sun as a pivotal role, Sun gods in middleeastern
cultures (such as Baal and Moloch) never promise such an ascension.
Such communication is impossible, for the Sun rises as a tide for extinction
before the ascension is completed, before the human can rise towards the Sun.
Communication with the Outside is made possible only by mass-combustion,
permanent visual impairment, and death, not by a cleansing fire (the later cathartic
flame of theism) but by manifestations of Telluro-conspiracies towards
the Sun and incomplete burning. Zurvan, Moloch, Nergal and Baal burn their
offerings before accepting them; their language is either the epic of ash or the
poetry of vapor.
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