Date: March 23rd, 2017 05:59 (UTC)
steorra: Restaurant sign that says Palatal (linguistics)
From: [personal profile] steorra
I'm kind of attached to you being [personal profile] vaecrius. I've known you as that on LJ and then DW for so long that it seems strange to think of it changing.

I mostly don't care for the self-deprecating ones. Wouldn't mind "philistineandpublican". I never got the reference in "riotouseaterofflesh" but I see the amusingness of it now that you point out the reference.

If you change it, I kind of like "eusocialconstruct". Nice insect reference without sounding like an entomology blog. (And speaking of critters, though a different kind of crustacean ... one of my first memories of you on LJ (though I know it wasn't the first time we'd interacted there) is the comments of the LJ version of this post.)

"disemoticonoclast" is kind of fun, though I never quite figured out what if anything "disemoticonoclasticalism" meant (I asked you about it once but don't recall the answer).

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