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Matt ([personal profile] vaecrius) wrote2017-03-22 04:30 pm

Changes in the air...

Poll #18107 Non-Binding Rename Poll
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What to rename the Blog Formerly Known as the Stainless Steel Blog-Like Object?

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riotouseaterofflesh (same as tumblr)
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matthewtheglutton (same as github)
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horizesthaiktulu (same as aim)
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ps38-7 (couldn't write the entire line)
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1 (50.0%)

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eusocialconstruct (NOT THE BEEES)
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chroniclesofnarmia (this requires a 2/3 vote or more to even consider)
1 (50.0%)

mattymcmattface (i.e., keep the current name and stop making polls)
1 (50.0%)

other in the comments (but feel free to comment regardless!)
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As some of you may know Shaw recently pulled the last (very likely literal) plugs on the web hosting server. is no more. Long live Git-eous Destructor.

Discovered DW's image hosting a day too late not to set up an imgur account. Overhauled the blog layout anyway.

So anyway, one major consequence of all these changes is the newfound impetus to finally getting and using a rename token and eventually (Steam and Skype notwithstanding) retiring the Vaecrius handle for good.

Which means... I have to come up with something else.

On Tumblr I've got Riotous Eater of Flesh because I was amused at how much it sounds like a awesome Killing Floor-esque zombie FPS when I encountered those words in Proverbs 23.

More recently is Matthew the Glutton, explained here.

So what I'm looking for:

- Not a made-up word that is annoyingly vaguely garden-path similar to something else totally irrelevant.
- If blatantly Christian or Biblical, then self-deprecatingly so but confessional rather than satanic.
- Ideally short and easy to type starting on the left hand on a QWERTY keyboard.
- Pronounceable (so I can remember it).
- Should not be misleading about the content of this blog. (Had a few ideas that seemed nice but this is by no means a paleontology, entomology, military history or Doom blog.)
- Must not be a meme. (Saying "must" to myself to fight a few temptations.)*

So for like both of you who might ever read this, thoughts?

*(In other news, given the informal meaning of "slay" nowadays, that quote on the upper left puts a whole new kind of pressure on me to live up to, or make a point in failing to live up to, my stated aspirations...)
steorra: Restaurant sign that says Palatal (linguistics)

[personal profile] steorra 2017-03-23 05:59 am (UTC)(link)
I'm kind of attached to you being [personal profile] vaecrius. I've known you as that on LJ and then DW for so long that it seems strange to think of it changing.

I mostly don't care for the self-deprecating ones. Wouldn't mind "philistineandpublican". I never got the reference in "riotouseaterofflesh" but I see the amusingness of it now that you point out the reference.

If you change it, I kind of like "eusocialconstruct". Nice insect reference without sounding like an entomology blog. (And speaking of critters, though a different kind of crustacean ... one of my first memories of you on LJ (though I know it wasn't the first time we'd interacted there) is the comments of the LJ version of this post.)

"disemoticonoclast" is kind of fun, though I never quite figured out what if anything "disemoticonoclasticalism" meant (I asked you about it once but don't recall the answer).