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Telepath Tactics, which appears to be an attempt to meld everything good about Fallout: Tactics and Helherron 8D, albeit with a lot less randomness D: and a lot less lethality :|.

(The KS is still on countdown for this one. [personal profile] helarxe this might be a thing you could enjoy, just saying. Also,
the shadowlings, disembodied heads from the nether reaches of the earth that quite literally feed on human suffering
Again, just saying.)

The what is:

Another random dude's impression (skip ahead a bit):

Cryamore which just looks friggin' sweet.

And also wins the "deadpan magic attack of the week" award:

(h/t Delver's Drop)
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Second picture
(which is doubly ironic given this)

EDIT: And that same gun in video

EDIT2: But let it never be said that I do not like any new FPS:

(adding the "games" tag b/c of this - it's almost enough to make me consider getting a console)
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Mandatory warning: Reading allegories into things may be dangerous for your mental health if takens seriously.

So here I am on my [generic disgust noises]Windows boot having cleared all but 2 items on my Steam wishlist.

Note to self: Always, always preview gameplay on Youtube or download a demo before committing to pay money for any game, ever, however tiny that amount may seem to you. Also, I need a little thing on my keyboard that gives me a shock if I ever try to log onto Steam after a payday.

I have only myself to blame for this. Just in time for another doomed New Year's resolution I suppose.

gaming blah blah blah )
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A thing about the rage Obama inspires in "conservatives" and how it fits into American history. I'll leave this quote, which compared to the rest is rather generic and flaccid, but the real stories in this are best left in context.
In a democracy, so the saying goes, the people get the government they deserve. Part of Obama’s genius is a remarkable ability to soothe race consciousness among whites. Any black person who’s worked in the professional world is well acquainted with this trick. But never has it been practiced at such a high level, and never have its limits been so obviously exposed. This need to talk in dulcet tones, to never be angry regardless of the offense, bespeaks a strange and compromised integration indeed, revealing a country so infantile that it can countenance white acceptance of blacks only when they meet an Al Roker standard.

On to lighter matters.

Frites de la liberté, égalité, fraternité et all that. (warning: some comments worth reading)

For some reason this reminds me of various LJ/DW exchanges between me and [personal profile] helarxe. If we were women. Talking about being fucked in the ass. Literally.

Shadows in the Woods. I've got to try this sometime.

And a thing about octopuses and other things.
What was keeping scientists from accepting the existence of consciousness outside of our own family tree? Simple brain anatomy. Older models of brain activity lodged complex, conscious experiences—like musing about a piece of music or reminiscing about a piece of cake—in our highly evolved cortex. But, as the authors of the new declaration noted, many nerve networks involved in “attentiveness, sleep and decision making appear to have arisen in evolution as early as invertebrate radiation, being evident in insects and cephalopod mollusks (e.g. octopus).”

Even emotions (or, according to the declaration, their “neural substrates”) are not dependent on an animal having particular brain structures, such as our cortex, after all. In fact, many other neural regions are activated when we emote and “are also critically important for generating emotional behaviors in animals,” the scientists noted.
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If both [personal profile] helarxe and The Border House can agree on something, I can only assume that it is transcendent, objective Good.

Will consider in August gaming budget. 2012.07.19 ahahahahahaha "gaming budget" heh
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For reference.

First point: Man, fuck all y'all for whining about this. Second: First five words of previous, plus making me materially contributing to circumstances that would make me look this up and spoil the ending I was going to get anyway.

As for the closure thing, knowing everything I know about human beings I'll humbly submit that Bioware did exactly the right thing.

Also Destruction ending is basically the end of the Lord of the Rings if most of the fanbase actually honestly liked the Elves as people and understood what the whole fading-away Fourth Age stuff actually meant to them (and if Frodo had actually chosen to destroy the Ring) (ED: inter alia)

But then, "I chose Destroy. Synthetics don't have DNA, so I couldn't trust anything space ghost said." is perfectly legit.
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The man who will improve the place is the man who loves it without a reason. If a man loves some feature of Pimlico (which seems unlikely), he may find himself defending that feature against Pimlico itself. But if he simply loves Pimlico itself, he may lay it waste and turn it into the New Jerusalem. I do not deny that reform may be excessive; I only say that it is the mystic patriot who reforms. Mere jingo self-contentment is commonest among those who have some pedantic reason for their patriotism. The worst jingoes do not love England, but a theory of England. If we love England for being an empire, we may overrate the success with which we rule the Hindoos. But if we love it only for being a nation, we can face all events: for it would be a nation even if the Hindoos ruled us. Thus also only those will permit their patriotism to falsify history whose patriotism depends on history. A man who loves England for being English will not mind how she arose. But a man who loves England for being Anglo-Saxon may go against all facts for his fancy. He may end (like Carlyle and Freeman) by maintaining that the Norman Conquest was a Saxon Conquest. He may end in utter unreason--because he has a reason.

The number of strings with length not more than 10 over the roman letters a to z plus the apostrophe is 2710 = 205,891,132,094,649 — about 200 trillion. The total number of words in the workaday word list traditionally found on Unix systems (usually in /usr/share/dict/words) is about 25,000, and even the much larger (and less useful) augmented list found on newer systems is under 250,000. Six or seven orders of magnitude difference. What I'm saying is that English could easily have a distinct letter sequence for every different meaning, using letter sequences much shorter than the present ones. It doesn't because the language in general shows no signs of being the slightest bit interested in that. ...

I'll accept it as a statement of personal affection if anyone wants to say they love English the way it is, but people who say that the ridiculous orthographic mess we have inherited is a finely tuned system for clear communication and avoidance of ambiguity are simply fools.

And now some linkdumpery.

Modern Doom fare.


Warning: has no function for customizing your character's implicit snazzy faux-classic fall outfits.

Isn't Internet advertising basically this in slow motion?

And now, the single most blasphemous thing I have seen all day:
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oh my god this game

Best played in a dark room with headphones little else to do. Contains no sudden screamer shit.

(Rather vital playing tips: When you see text move onto a spot on the screen, click on it immediately. "Scan" EVERYTHING at least once.)
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A game which should be played. It is about everything but robots. (Mild-moderate trigger warning for Mike?)

Gotta catch 'em... both? (from Go Make Me A Sandwich)
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Once upon a time the tortoise saved the crow from a very messy divorce. The tortoise waited and waited for the crow's husband to fly by the water, then snapped him up in his beak and dragged him to their nest where he slowly and steadily heard out the two quarrelling birds, and spoke gently but forcefully and they parted ways worn out but relieved, a full and final and perfectly fair settlement soon to be granted by consent order.

The hare was astonished, for he was formerly retained by the crow and knew how horrible it had been, and asked the tortoise for the trick he surely had up his scaly sleeve. Hard work and patience, no tricks to it, was all the tortoise would say.

So the hare spent days in the shadows, secretly following the tortoise around in his daily routes. He learned that before speaking to any angry animal, the tortoise would pace about by the old beavers' den, mumble a passage of Psalms, and eat a small cup of barley with a sprig of mint, upon which the tortoise would seem to be met with a great sense of calm. Aha! thought the hare, surely this was the trick the tortoise was hiding!

One day the lion was having terrible trouble with his fifteenth wife, who insisted that one of her cubs was his when "surely" he knew it was not. Sadly, the lion being a lion was a-lyin', and confided this with the hare who promised to settle the matter between them without the lion paying a thing.

And so the hare went out into the savannah to speak to the lioness. But before this he passed by the old beaver pond, and remembered his routine. The hare paced about by the old beavers' den, mumbled a passage of Psalms, and ate the small cup of barley with a sprig of mint he brought with him, upon which the hare seemed to be met with a great sense of calm. And so he approached the lioness.

Who, after about a minute, nearly killed him.

What did I do wrong!? exclaimed the hare later as he nursed (and anaesthetized) his wounds over drinks. I followed your trick perfectly! It works for you, why not me?

The tortoise nodded and a smile seemed to grow across his face as he sipped his Indian pale ale.

Hard work and patience, no tricks to it, was all he would say.
In other news,

Every day for eight days, post something that made you happy, and then tag someone.

Being sufficiently prepared in a case to face directly the realization that the other party is neither a gibbering baby nor a brutal monster and that they have legitimate interests and concerns, while still being convinced enough of the client's legal rights to believe that we will and (barring some future negotiation that allows a full and final settlement) should proceed to win.


Sadly I've already tagged the one person who reads this who also works at a law office, so... it seems I've run out of people who are close enough to trust to forgive an unsolicited tag, so I'm just going to do this:

Every day for eight days, post something that made you happy, and then tag someone.

Locked since it would be, like, super-obvious to the parties given the timing. I'll probably review this in about a year or whenever. EDIT as of 2012.02.22: Not only is the file closed, but the way it actually turned out what I've written here isn't very descriptive of it at all. :(
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"I've had it up to here with you lot!" screamed Brie Bristletail as she stormed out of the communual log, antennae waggling with indignity. "I'm running away to join the circus!"

Every day for eight days, post something that made you happy, and then tag someone.

Playing this to this.

Tagging [personal profile] helarxe since absent Fal on here he's the only one who comes close to appreciating this.
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[21:52] [ profile] kavitykrunch: XDDDDD
[21:52] [ profile] kavitykrunch: has loud background noise <_>
[21:52] [ profile] kavitykrunch: at first
[21:52] [ profile] kavitykrunch: theres like a dog barking
[21:52] [ profile] kavitykrunch: but the narrator has a mesmerizing monotone voice
[21:55] [ profile] kavitykrunch: ahahah this game costs 120 dolalrs
[21:55] [personal profile] vaecrius: :o;
[21:59] [personal profile] vaecrius: .....
[21:59] [personal profile] vaecrius: 120 dollars
[21:59] [personal profile] vaecrius: why is the dog so LOUD
[22:00] [personal profile] vaecrius: it's like
[22:00] [ profile] kavitykrunch: WOOP
[22:00] [ profile] kavitykrunch: WOOP
[22:00] [ profile] kavitykrunch: WOOOOP
[22:00] [personal profile] vaecrius: causing weird artifacts andXDDDDDDDD
[22:00] [personal profile] vaecrius: ...y'know the wheelchair really helps make sense of the standard Doom view height
[22:00] [ profile] kavitykrunch: <_>
[22:01] [personal profile] vaecrius: srsly
[22:01] [personal profile] vaecrius: haven't you noticed that
[22:01] [personal profile] vaecrius: you turn off mouselook
[22:01] [personal profile] vaecrius: walk up to a zombie
[22:01] [personal profile] vaecrius: the centre of your view is like
[22:01] [ profile] kavitykrunch: no i know <_>
[22:01] [personal profile] vaecrius: on his nipple <_>
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: ...oh god
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: it looks like
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: a cam view
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: of someone fucking someone
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: wearing a :) mask
[22:03] [ profile] kavitykrunch: WHAT XD
[22:03] [ profile] kavitykrunch: HAHAHA
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: boink
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: boink
[22:03] [personal profile] vaecrius: boink
[22:04] [personal profile] vaecrius: ...y'know what fucking annoys me about "non-violent" fpses
[22:04] [personal profile] vaecrius: they're all still about shooting people
[22:05] [ profile] kavitykrunch: .. yeah <_>
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: I mean
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: it would be alright
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: if the enemies got up after a while
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: but they don't
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: ever
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: you think you just beaned them with a pie
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: but they're gone
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: forever
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: YOU KILLED HIM
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: OH GOD
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: HES NOT BREATHING
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: OH GOD
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: YOU MURDERER
[22:05] [personal profile] vaecrius: HOW COULD YOU
[22:06] [personal profile] vaecrius: THAT POOR CLOWNS CHILDREN

Which gave me an idea for a game... )
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Sometimes a paradigm has to be ripped out of context and made to survive in a brand new, very different environment before true innovation can happen.

I never thought I'd live to see this.

More pictures here, with a warning to not fucking read the comments if you value your sanity.

A second element of localization also stuck out for me:
The example [Game Power 7 general manager] Mujahid gave me was that "the original story talks about three races and three gods, which is very odd to our culture. We had to modify that to make it about three nations and three kings."
A few years ago I would've seen this and laughed - but the last few years of better understanding how people work and several related encounters of my own I see the wisdom of this choice.

I'm an atheist (with a mandatory "but not one of those atheists"). I used to be, on and off, a fundamentalist non-denominational Protestant. Even now I feel an unconscious, highly unpleasant sense of unease when I have to deal with polytheistic and animistic spiritual belief systems that I simply do not get in a Jewish, Christian or Islamic context. (I don't know either way about how I'd feel in a Sikh or Baha'i context.) Even if intellctually I found this feeling to be a baseless vestige, it's unpleasant enough that unless I was deliberately trying to purge it I would find much better things to do with my day than to play a videogame that evoked it.

For what it's worth, most games do not evoke any such feeling, simply because I'm thoroughly aware that the producers do not take any of it seriously in the least and don't expect any more from the audience. But I am starting to get [ profile] kavitykrunch's earlier objections to taking part in a Demon: the Fallen game. D:
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I'm linking to this as much for the picture as the article. See also this - if a mechanic treated someone's car like BP treats the entire planet, they might well be able to set off the damages with a counterclaim for the subsequent beating.

The view from your flotilla. tl;dw watch the Vimeo version further down in the article - it really puts their reaction as seen on the earlier Israeli night-vis footage in context, that this was a night raid.

A primer on the Gitmo "suicides". No one will ever be prosecuted for this, except for a few disposable chumps at the bottom of the ladder, and those responsible will live the rest of their lives in peace and comfort. We make up Hell not out of unrealistic fears of fantastic horrors, but to provide hope and comfort against an all too horrifying world.


[personal profile] furikku links to a prime example of "Viewers Are Morons" at work.
For example: say I go to the grocery store. I want some fruit. At the store, there are some apples, bananas, strawberries, and oranges. I really want passion fruit. But there is no passion fruit. Somebody higher up decided that passion fruit wasn’t a big seller, so they don’t waste their time, space, or money.

So I end up buying an orange. Then somebody else looks at that and says, “people like that guy really like oranges.” They can say it’s a “hard” statistic because it’s flat data . . . but I wanted a passion fruit. And, maybe – if people got more exposure to passion fruits, were able to try them out because they were all over the place, passion fruit would become a big seller. In fact, if they marketed it right, passion fruit would become a big seller. But they’ve elected to market oranges, instead. And so guys like me buy oranges.

Our pop media culture is the same: a ridiculous minority (a fraction of a fraction of a percent) of people are in charge of deciding what “we want to see,” and they provide for that. The problem is that the majority of these guys are ignorant fools and are completely out of touch with real people. But, because they have the power of money and marketing – they can create the results they need to “prove” themselves right. Again and again.
Matt Yglesias rips, explodes, pulverizes, annihilates, ::escalating gleeful barrage of words of beautiful cathartic destructive energeia:: another stupid fucking "kids these days" rant.

I wasn't inclined to read the book before, and this is really, really not helping. Except maybe as a matter of hathos. Or for writing a book telling the events from someone else's POV that brings lie to the entire moral story of the original.
We see the effects of displaced, righteous rage everywhere around us, written in violence and justified as moral action, even compassion. Ender gets to strike out at his enemies and still remain morally clean. Nothing is his fault. Stilson already lies defeated on the ground, yet Ender can kick him in the face until he dies, and still remain the good guy. Ender can drive bone fragments into Bonzo’s brain and then kick his dying body in the crotch, yet the entire focus is on Ender’s suffering. For an adolescent ridden with rage and self-pity, who feels himself abused (and what adolescent doesn’t?), what’s not to like about this scenario? So we all want to be Ender. As Elaine Radford has said, “We would all like to believe that our suffering has made us special—especially if it gives us a righteous reason to destroy our enemies.”23

But that’s a lie. No one is that special; no one is that innocent. If I felt that Card’s fiction truly understood this, then I would not have written this essay.
Oh how I would have loved that book if I'd read it at age twelve. Oh how glad I am I never fell into that trap.

And now the mental health break: a game which should be played. It is about blowing shit the fuck right up.
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After many levels, many deaths,

Many troubles, many victories,

Many hopes, many regrets,

In the shadow of ultimate victory over the untouchable slayer's ghost,

Hammerhead the Hacker's party was ambushed by boggarts who surrounded the group with an army of giants in an open field. A glimmer of hope lived to the very end, when a teleported retreat was too late.

Bogbarth, my loyal disciple, wingman, friend - I'll never forget you. ._.

::21-fireball-wand salute::

I know this

if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.


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