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Gabriel Loup posted earlier on the ZDoom forums (off topic, link may be dead in a few months) a mental exercise of sorts:

So, I went to the Zandronum forums and I found an interesting topic that I'd like to discuss further, what if Doom games were shorter than what it really is? Imagine if Doom 1, 2 and 64 were 10 maps, each. This gave me the idea of maybe porting some of the Maps of Chaos Doom 1 maps into Doom 2, and having the entire series play in a progressive sort of order, but I have no idea how to port Doom 1 maps into Doom 2 properly, without missing textures, so that will be for another time.

Here, for the record, are his.
Read more... )Dunno if he's pulling a Matthew 1:17 with D1.

Which got me thinking of my own. If I ever make my own mapset, this could be an interesting progression, sort of a Machete Order for Doom...

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About time I started jotting down some of these thoughts that have been in my head about this.

Basic premise: The original Doom games (Doom 1 and 2) are a divinely inspired allegory of a man's repentance from sin.

As all pale shadows of the Truth, this is not a perfect analogy: in particular for this first post, no weapon in Doom is strictly necessary (except rocket against Icon of Sin).

(I should note that this does not work with the lore in Hideous Destructor at all, unless one were to assume an extremely unreliable narrator in the setting fluff I've written for it (which granted isn't too off base).)


There is much to be said for this - the basic plot, the aesthetic, the progression and changing appearance of the levels (especially in the first game, (as far as I can tell at the moment) getting weaker with each new official IWAD), even the monster designs (I am assuming that things represented as demonic influences in the game are exactly that, or at worst they are temptations in this world and our own brokenness) - but it's an unchewably big enough bite that this first post will only be one tiny nibble: a brief summmary of the role of each weapon.

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In response to this comment:
I’d be very interested in the atheist-to-orthodox “take” on this sort of discussion.
I'm not even sure if I count, since I was brought up as a Christian before I became an atheist (de facto in my teens, explicitly in my twenties), but it did get me to try to articulate just what might've been going on in my head in the months leading up to my visit of St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Mission on the evening of February 1, 2014.*

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*a date that I've always remembered as January 30 or 31 until I checked the day of the week just now. The reading of the life of St. Brigid I remember more distinctly.
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In which someone plays Hideous Destructor without having read the manual.

In which two of the new generation play Doom for the first time.
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[2016-01-06 Before reading this it might be better to read Jack Monahan's "refrigerator box" essay which is much more informative.]

From the sighting and aiming discussion here a few things occur to me:

Iconic representation

Icons and all the talk about making present, etc. never made any sense to me until I saw some comment about someone watching a "cradle" Orthodox believer pray to one, and the whole exchange(!) looked like they were having a conversation with a person standing before them. At once it all clicked: the skewed perspectives of various objects, far from being a matter of failing at mere "representation", were required for the full presentation to the viewer to address specific requirements for interacting with what was portrayed on the 2-dimensional space. Things are deliberately moved aside or extended or not foreshortened, or viewed from a different angle than something right next to it, to reveal that which if you were physically there you'd be able to see with no more than a very simple, unconscious movement - the top of a book being opened, the objects on the surface of a table, the hand of a person holding a heavy object. The entire image - and each portion thereof - is made not to reproduce the mechanical light-impression of the physical presence, but as an interface.

It also explains why I've always preferred Doom and Quake's centered guns over the angled views of later FPSes: while more "realistic" in the sense that the side of the gun would be a closer approximation to what you'd see from either eye while the weapon was pressed to your shoulder but before you started looking down the sights, it permanently blocks your view of whatever is below you to your right - something you would be able to see in meatspace with minimal effort by as little as a slight turn of the head, an action that probably should not deserve its own keybind.

As applied to my so-called "realism" Doom mod, unlike most shooters with such aspirations I keep the crosshair rather than sights - which crosshairs, as crude approximations of sight pictures, only (but always and automatically) appear wherever looking down the sights would be an option in another game. The weapon sprite itself is kept as out of the way as would remain faithful to the original aesthetic. No more than movement of the eyes, or at most a slight turn of your avatar's direction to move either sprite or crosshair out of the way, is required to look around. The ultimate result is a double view of your weapon with a large gap in between that you would never see in real life, but which allows the viewer to extract information with no more effort or artifice than if the object had been physically present in the viewer's own equivalent space.

The "drone effect"

Which takes us to the next great hazard in "realistic" first-person shooting. You have a mouse and keyboard. This gets rambly fast. )
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Hey [ profile] tungol, remember our MSN convo earlier when I brought up our system's incentive to keep "normal" defined as something at a certain unsustainable distance from "healthy"?

Right after that I find this link... (warning: possible depression triggers, unless it doesn't in which case it's fucking hilarious)

And now I go flush the fuck out of my brain.
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Each day, post ideally three, but at least one of the following:
  1. One thing that made you happy.
  2. One thing that angered or worried you.
  3. One thing that made you question or reconsider something you've assumed.

Day Two:
  1. Hideous Destructor limited-lives co-op works as intended - both mechanically and narratively.
  2. Aw fuck I gotta read all this shit by November... then look for a job.
  3. I liked D9 myself, but this is a great look into what I have been willing to overlook or suspend disbelief of. And totally agreed wrt needing moar sci-fi in mainstream cinema.

    That said, I do wonder about my own credulity when it comes to stories about really bad antagonists...

For some reason this melody
. C A B G A F G E F D E C D B CB A
E-- E--   E-- E-- E-- E------ EE E
makes me think evil things when I doze off and dream of it.
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I was playing Plutonia lvl 28...

and same time I listened to Yes (hippie-progressive-rock) and one of their 21:00 minutes long song about intense battle had so touching end, that I started to think that what the heck, I just slaughtered hundreds of demons, what a horrible thing I had done... I took my rocket launcher, went next to a wall and Blam! screen turned all red....

I don't know. I was so close to the end of the level, playing by UV and I just started to pity mindless 2 dimensional sprites that had never lived, neither died. Some would call it stupidity, that I just didn't pass the level, but then at that moment, it was the right thing to do.

And I have killed Cyberdemon several times by pistol. :P
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EDIT: my adjustment/rebuttal/response to the below here

The new quasi-randomized Doom map generator. After years of Sligean primitivism and the Godotal ordeal of refreshing the SCUDD thread every week, one can only imagine the surprised semi-disbelief that I felt when I learned that this was actually released.

One crippling drawback: there are no command line options. It's been cited frequently as a selling point: however, for those of us who like to do these things in batch files and type instead of clicking, this is hardly an ideal situation. But then again, most of the more useful command line options you see in SLIGE have yet to be implemented, so it's no great loss. For now.

The increased complexity (and size) of OBLIGE levels has created an actually noticeable time lag in their generation. This is exacerbated by the fact that the program always builds nodes for the map: being used to the built-in editor in ZDoom I've found this a mildly annoying waste of time. The automatic backup is a nice safeguard in case you accidentally save the new map as DOOM.WAD or something dumb like that, but I think it made more sense to just create an OBLIGE.WAD every time.

As for the maps themselves... )

So, to conclude: Excellent innovation, smooth delivery, completely not my cup of tea. But hey, I've said worse about half the music I listen to these days...

Speaking of music, this remix is awesome.

I know this

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